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Will ”Once Upon A Time In Karach,Pakistan be a game-changer?

Contemporary films are like a breath of fresh air in Pakistan’s shrinking film industry; While heavy-budget commercial films have always been successful in Pakistan. The audience is becoming more diverse now.

Traditionally films made on a limited budget such as director Ali Sajjad Shah aka Abu Aleeha’s Katakasha and Tevar have been a hit in Pakistan and were praised by movie buffs. This year, the director is coming out with another film, Once Upon A Time In Karachi Pakistan.

Once Upon A Time In Karachi is going to Pakistan’s first commercial action comedy film made at a cost of Rs 12.5 million and has been shot using an Alexa camera. Usually, the budgets of a commercial film are around Rs30 million to Rs50 million. Many movie critics and producers are looking forward to Shah’s film as they believe it can be a real game-changer.

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