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The virus killed 5 in Pakistan in past 24 hours

At least five patients with the virus have died and 99 new cases reported in Pakistan in the last 24 hours, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant confirmed on Monday.

Dr Zafar Mirza, PM Imran Khan’s special assistant on health, said that at least 21 people have died of the virus in the country.

He was addressing a press conference with NDMA Chairman Lt Gen Muhammad Afzaal and PM Imran Khan’s Special Assistant on National Security Mr Moeed Yousuf.

Dr Mirza said that at least thirty one people, who had been admitted to the hospital after contracting the coronavirus, have been discharged after a full recovery.

The NDMA chairperson said hospitals and laboratories have been provided the kits and other equipment for screening in the country. The SIUT and Jinnah hospital in Karachi pakistan will soon start testing people, he added.

Lt Gen Afzal said the government will send 4 or 5 special flights to China in the coming week and they will bring 55 tons of kits and medical equipment to the country.

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Corona Virus Current Status in Pakistan

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