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Punjab now offers a free online course on coronavirus control

A short online course on infection of coronavirus prevention and control has been launched in Pakistan by the Punjab Skills Development Fund in collaboration with online microlearning platform Gnowbe.

The course is thirty 30 minutes long and open to the general public. It is free of charge and those who complete the course will receive an international certification from the School of Health Sciences at Singapore’s leading university Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

The (PSDF) Punjab Skills Development Fund has also created an Urdu version of the course to make it accessible to the broader public. Termed “Stay Protected with Infection Control and Prevention 101 Program” the online course will teach the nature and transmission of the virus causing the coronavirus pandemic educate the public on how to protect themselves.

The course will be in the form of informative videos, tutorials and quizzes. There are two main topics, Infection Transmission, that details the chain of infection and transmission of diseases, and Infection Prevention, that consists of sessions on prevention by hand hygiene and wearing personal protective equipment.

It is especially recommended for people working on the frontline like the Prime Minister’s Tiger Force field volunteers providing food and critical services, bank employees, law enforcement officers and people living in close quarters where the disease has the highest chances of spreading.

In Singapore, Gnowbe has already been using its e-learning platform to provide the course free of charge to the general public in eight languages including Mandarin, Arabic, Malay and German. The partnership with Punjab Skills Development Fund will add Urdu to the menu as well.

If you are interested in taking the course use the following links to access it, free of charge.

In the Urdu:

In the English:

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Corona Virus Current Status in Pakistan

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