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PM Imran Khan once again exposed RSS inspired BJP’s supremacist agenda. Saying that BJP leadership is speaking against the Muslims as Nazis spoke against the Jews.

Expressing concerns, in a tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that the RSS inspired BJP leadership in the 21st century is pursuing discriminatory policies against Muslims

The PM wrote, “The RSS inspired BJP leadership in the twenty first century openly speaking about the 200 million+ Muslims just as the Nazis spoke about the Jews.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday strongly condemn the Indian Modi government’s continuing attempts to illegally alter the demography of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

We strongly condemn the racist Hindutva Supremacist Modi Govt’s continuing attempts to illegally alter the demography of India occupied Jummu and Kashmir in violation of all international laws & treaties, PM said.

The new Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Order 2020 is a clear violation of the 4th Geneva Convention.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the timing of this latest illegal action is particularly reprehensible because it seeks to exploit the international focus on the COVID19 pandemic to push forward the BJP’s Hindutva Supremacist agenda.

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the United Nations and the international community to stop India’s continuing violations of UNSC Resolutions and International law,

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