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Not as close to PM Imran as I was but still his friend, “Jahangir Tareen” says.

“Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf” stalwart Jahangir Tareen on Monday acknowledged he was no longer as close to PM Imran Khan as he used to be but maintained that the premier was still his friend and that he continues to stand by the Prime Minister’s cause.

Jahangir Tareen was talking exclusively to famouse news channel Meher Bokhari in her show just a couple of days after a (FIA) team released reports on the sugar and wheat crises and beneficiaries of subsidies obtained by the industry’s bigwigs and just hours after news began circulating that Jahangir Tareen had been sacked as the chairman of the Agriculture Task Force in light of those findings.

Rejecting once again that he was fired from any position because he “was never appointed in the first place. Jahangir Tareen did however confess he was not as close to PM Khan as he once was.

But I’m still his good friend and I’m loyal and still believe in him.

A source had earlier the PM Imran Khan and members of the Federal Investigation Agency inquiry commission had been. Threatened with dire consequences if the reports were made public, the sugar cartel had also threatened the committee that if the report was issued, the commodity would be vanished from the market, the report added.”

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