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We will have lost the war’ if poverty rises by the time we defeat coronavirus, says PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said that if levels of poverty in Pakistan increased by the time it has defeated the covid-19 the country will have lost the overall war.

Our greatest challenge is to ensure that those suffering from economic distress right now do not fall further below the poverty line. Because if they do and our poverty rises by the time we have defeated this coronavirus, we will have lost the war the premier remarked at a press briefing alongside ministers and his special assistants.

He said that while the number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Pakistan is currently lower than projected, the country could still face difficulties from May 15. He advised people to be careful going forward.

Our initial projections showed that we would have 50,000 cases by April 25. By Allah’s grace that’s not the case. Our new projections suggest that we could now have 12,000 to 15,000 covid-19 patients by next week. In other words, the pressure we expected in our hospitals earlier would now be felt next month, he warned.

PM Imran Khan added that the government is currently in the process of procuring ventilators and personal protective equipment to prepare for the potential spike in cases and deaths next month.

He credited the country’s lower number of confirmed coronavirus cases than previously projected to timely actions by the government.

We acted promptly in March when we only had a few cases, Sindh enforced a stricter lockdown. We quarantined pilgrims from Iran at Taftan border and we screened passengers at the airport. So you see we’re now reaping benefits of quick decision making.

He added that the government will now “gradually start reopening the economy, starting from the construction sector.

Explaining his decision to prioritise the reopening of the construction sector, PM said that his government “opted to reopen the construction industry because this industry provides countless jobs to our people.

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