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Men attack Pirabad, Karachi SHO for enforcing congregational prayer ban

SHO Sharafat Khan took charge of Pirabad PS 1 of april, 2020.

Pirabad SHO Sharafat Khan, who took charge on 1 of April 2020, was attacked by a group of men after she and her team stopped them from entering a mosque in Frontier Colony before Friday prayers.

In a video, that went viral on social media, the injured SHO Sharafat Khan is seen outside the mosque, warning men that they are violating the government’s order to suspend mass prayers amid the covid-19 outbreak.

I didn’t lock the mosque but I will do so now. The officer is heard saying in the video before she left the area in her vehicle.

A lockdown has been imposed in Pakistan to contain the spread of covid-19. Many provinces have banned people from Friday congregational prayers in mosques. On April 10, 2020 however, many people still went, ignoring the government’s orders.

SHO Khan reached the site and told the men to follow the law. They attacked her and broke her glasses. After the prayers were over, Khan’s team made a video of all the men leaving the mosque.

Pirabad is one of the areas in Karachi where the Pakistani Taliban had hideouts in the past. Haqqani mosque is located in an informal settlement in Frontier Colony. A policeman told famous news channel that the SHO and her team had gone to the area to ask the administration to suspend the prayers but the locals didn’t listen to her and manhandled the police team.

People were still out on streets when media reached the spot, the mob had dispersed but the people in area were still angry. Some of them even threw stones at TV vehicles, not allowing the reporters to work.

The police came here to stop namaz in mosque a teenage boy said. How could a Muslim stop namaz in mosque? Other men asked reporters to leave the area because they didn’t want to be filmed.

Outside Pirabad, Karachi police station. More than dozen reserve police arrived with shields and batons, don’t go to the area alone. A policeman said when he was asked about what happened earlier. The people are angry and they are throwing stones at the police.

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