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Low number of coronavirus deaths in Pakistan doesn’t mean we stop being careful, Zafar Mirza

Special Assistant to the PM Khan on Health Dr Zafar Mirza on Thursday said low coronavirus deaths in Pakistan does not mean people start becoming lax about preventive measures against the virus outbreak.

Speaking at a news briefing in Islamabad, Zafar Mirza said: “I am seeing reports on some media programmes that Pakistan’s coronavirus death rates are lower as compared to projections made through modelling. While it is true to some extent that Pakistan has lesser covid-19 cases and a lower death rate than projected by experts, it is not a reason for citizens to become lax.”

Mirza said the restrictions imposed by the government on large gatherings and social contact had an effect on the infection rate, but if people think we don’t need those preventive measures and we don’t need social distancing, it would be a very big mistake.

Stressing the need for more prevention and responsibility, Mirza warned that the country could see a sharp rise in the number of cases and deaths if people were not careful and started going out.

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Corona Virus Current Status in Pakistan

Follow all SOP. Keep social distancing, Wear mask