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Lockdowns may have saved 59,000 lives in Europe

Strict containment measures might have already saved up to 59,000 lives across 11 European countries battling the spread of the new covid-19, experts in Britain say. 

Basing their modelling on the numbers of recorded deaths from coronavirus, researchers from Imperial College London said most countries it looked at had likely dramatically reduced the rate at which the virus spreads.

Using the experiences of countries with the most advanced epidemics like Italy and Spain. The study compared actual fatality rates with an estimate of what would have happened with no measures such as school closures event cancellations and lockdowns. 

“With current interventions remaining in place to at least the end of March 2020 we estimate that interventions across all 11 countries will have averted 59,000 deaths up to 31 March. Said the report, which was released Monday.  

Many more deaths will be averted through ensuring that interventions remain in place until transmission drops to low levels.

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