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China seeks to contain new covid-19 ‘silent carriers’

China took a new measures on Wednesday to try to prevent asymptomatic silent carriers of the new covid-19 from causing a second wave of infections, as the country reported another modest rise in confirmed cases.

Mainland China reported more tha 60 new infections on Wednesday, up from 58 a day earlier, the National Health Commission said. Of those, 59 were travellers arriving from overseas, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in China to 81,865.

While new infections have fallen from their peak in February, 2020 after China locked down several cities and imposed strict travel restrictions. Authorities have called for continued vigilance amid fears of a fresh resurgence of infections.

Aside from curbing an influx of infected travellers from abroad. China’s other concern is managing asymptomatic people, or covid-19 carriers who exhibit no clinical symptoms such as a fever or a cough.

On China’s Twitter like Weibo service, Are asymptomatic people really asymptomatic? was the 3rd most discussed topic on Thursday afternoon, highlighting a state media interview with Liu Youning, a professor of respiratory medicine at the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital

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