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If lives are safe, so will politics.

The number of Corona cases has been rising sharply since the onset of winter.

Cold weather is one of the reasons for the rise in Corona cases and another major reason is the public’s violation of Corona SOPs.

It is a common observation that people have completely ignored Karuna SOPs, people are not using face masks in markets, wedding halls and other public places and social distances are not being taken into account.

On the other hand, political parties are also showing a little lack of seriousness.

In order to humiliate each other, the government and the opposition first held public rallies in Gilgit. Both factions were trying to gather more people.

At a time when the Corona cases were escalating, no one cared about the public, now the situation is that more than two thousand cases are coming to light on a daily basis, which is a sign of a worrying situation.

Given the situation, the government came to its senses and banned rallies and PTI announced the cancellation of its rallies, but the opposition was not ready to understand the same opposition that was demanding a complete lockdown.

And calling it a conspiracy to disrupt meetings. While the government is still holding a series of short gatherings, such as the cancellation of the meetings, the Prime Minister addressed the celebrations in Faisalabad.

The government has also failed to implement the Karuna SOPs, with markets in megacities overflowing. But the application of this OP is nowhere to be seen. In this ongoing conflict between the government and the opposition, the people are not taking coruna seriously.

Foreign Minister handed over letter to President Security Council, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram

On the other hand, the NCOC has repeatedly urged the citizens to follow the SOPs.

The closure of educational institutions has also been announced in the meeting of education ministers today keeping in view the situation.

Educational institutions will be closed from October 26 to December 24 due to Corona, while there will be winter holidays from December 25 to January 10, 2021 and educational activities will resume on January 11. Looking at the whole situation now, not taking it seriously in any way could lead to another lockdown in the country.

And the country’s economic situation has already become so thin that the country can not afford to lock down again.

The lockdown was due to a fraction of a crore. In my view, even a complete lockdown is not the answer.

The only way to deal with the epidemic is to limit yourself and keep all activities going while maintaining social distances, making sure to use a citizen face mask.

A vehicle carrying 105 challans was seized in Lahore

The opposition should also leave politics at this time and take care of the lives of the people.

In view of the situation, Karuna should put aside political differences and stand by the side of the government and support the government in its awareness campaign.

There is no substitute for life. There is a popular saying that if there is life, then there is the world.

If lives are safe, then there will be politics. The government is here, the opposition is here and so are the people.

The government’s performance is such that the government’s economic situation cannot improve immediately.

If everything is done after dealing with this epidemic situation, then only unity is needed in the country so that they can still get out of this difficult situation as they faced the first wave of Corona.

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Corona Virus Current Status in Pakistan

Follow all SOP. Keep social distancing, Wear mask