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Tiktok addict girl, sets house on fire.

Tiktok addict girl, sets house on fire.

Tiktok addict girl, sets house on fire.

The father took pity on the girl (Marvi Khilji) who set the house on fire for refusing to make Tiktok, but now what did the father promise her?

KHAIRPUR: The father of Maria who set her house on fire after refusing to make a tiktok-toe video has promised to bail her daughter out in two days. Marvi Khilji was shifted to Larkana Women’s Jail after a 14-day remand.

According to a news, tuck talk girl Marvi Khilji’s father Aziz Khilji admitted the mistake and promised to bail his daughter in 2 days and said my daughter is a piece of my liver, what he did was wrong, I can’t sleep , Other family members are requested to remain silent.

It may be recalled that the girl had set fire to her house in Salar Mohalla of Pirgoth in Khairpur after she was prevented from making tick talk.

The girl’s father Aziz Ahmed Khilji had registered a case against her daughter at Pirgoth police station.

The daughter was humiliated and the house was set on fire, after which Pirgoth police arrested her and shifted her to Women’s Police Station.

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