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A scattered and destitute country, Pakistan also reveals in its book about hostility to Barack Obama.

Crimes of india.

Washington (Online) Former US President Barack Obama has unveiled some important facts about anti-Muslim extremism and anti-Pakistan sentiment in India in his book. In pages 600 and 601 of Barack Obama’s recently published new book,

Promised Land A, he cites a meeting with former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his visit to India in November 2020 and writes, “Growing anti-Muslim sentiments Strengthened the influence of the BJP, ”he said

The party was BJP. According to the former Indian Prime Minister in his statement, “It is not a difficult task for Indian politicians to take advantage of the misuse of religious and ethnic unity in an uncertain situation in India.”

He also wrote that fanaticism and extremism are deeply ingrained in Indian society, both at the public and private levels, and that hostility to Pakistan is the best way to promote national unity in India.

Many Indians are proud that India has developed nuclear weapons to counter Pakistan’s nuclear power.

They have no idea that the slightest mistake on the part of either side could wreak havoc on the entire region. Today, Indian society as a whole is centered around race and nationalism.

Despite economic growth, India is a fragmented and destitute country, divided primarily into religion and nation, and is in the grip of corrupt political officials, narrow-minded government officials, and political magicians. Extremism, fanaticism, hunger, corruption, nationalism, ethnicity and religious intolerance have become so strong that no democratic system can bind them permanently.

Even if all these problems are temporarily under control, people will again fall prey to extremism and rebellion when economic growth is hampered or population change or the rise of a powerful political leader.

In his book, Obama also praised Manmohan Singh’s rise to the post of Prime Minister, as the Sikh minority is often targeted in India.

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