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Pakistan says in General Assembly debate!

One country most insistent on Security Council membership has proclivity for use & threat of use of forces, fomented or organized terrorism across the region.

India violated United Nations Security Council resolutions, targets innocent lives on the L.O.C.

This has no qualification for Security Council, permanent or even non-permanent membership: Pakistan Ambassador Munir Akram.

The Foreign Office urges action against India over terror sponsorship

The Foreign Office urges action against India over terror sponsorship Pakistan called upon the world,

To hold India accountable, for sponsoring terrorism against Pakistan and prevent it from sponsoring terrorism in the regions.

“India uses terrorism as an instrument of state policy by making it culpable under the international law, United Nation sanctions regime, and international counter terrorism conventions,”

the Foreign Office mentions the world’s responsibility to hold India accountable,

And take steps against Indian nationals involved in patronage of terrorist entities.

Indian Ministry of External Affairs rejected the dossier containing proof of Indian intelligence agencies patronage of terrorism in Pakistan.

A “futile anti-India propaganda exercise” that was “fabricated” and “lacking credibility and accountability”.

Pakistan briefs to the permanent five envoys on India dossier;

We also expect the UN’s counter terrorism bodies to proceed on the basis of concrete evidence provided by officials.

urge the terror funding state to renounce terrorism as an instrument of state policy.

Evidence Provided by the officials;

“It stands in violation of United Nation Security Ccouncil resolutions in occupied Kashmir,” Munir Akram said,

adding that it had deployed 0.9 million troops to crush the Innocent Kashmiri folks legitimate freedom struggle.

“Aggression against Pakistan and resorts to daily artillery and small arms fire targeting innocent civilians on our side of the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir.

“This country has no qualification for a UNSC membership — permanent or even non-permanent,” the Pakistani envoy said.

Full scale negotiations to reform the council began in the General Assembly in Feb-2009 on several key-areas.

These include the question of veto, regional representation and membership, the working methods of the council and its relationship with the GA.

Despite a general agreement on enlarging the council, member states remain cunningly divided over the details.

The G-4 countries have shown no flexibility in their campaign to expand the council by ten seats,

with six additional permanent and four non-permanent members.

The UNSC currently Comprises of five permanent members Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and 10 non-permanent members.

In his remarks, the Pakistan envoy said the The Uniting for Consensus’s proposal reflected the most suitable basis for an agreement on comprehensive reforms.

“The approved can obtain the largest possible support (indeed) in the General Assembly and the essential ratification of all the five permanent members.”

The Uniting for Consensus proposal;

he said, was also flexible and through variable arrangements, could accommodate the aspirations and interests of a majority of the UN membership,

including African and other regional groups such as the Arab Group and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC.

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